Touring Silversands Luxury Hotel and private villas

Hey hear Karen Sandiego and today I’m getting a tour of Silver Sands Grenada which is one of which is the newest hotel on the beach give you a little preview of what we’re about to get into today so come walk with me as I get a tour of this new facility just like two more days Spanish for tour and it’s a rum and cigars owns and enter these are all ok we have a mass from the Odom’s salary raises collection and we have from over 160 rooms from around the world as far as Japan we have Mexico we have the Caribbean represented of course and we have movie 213 on this pier different different drinks so after here we make so this is a lawn generic like the watches without look at her look at the pool it’s I believe the longest pool in the Caribbean and it goes all the way from the beginning of the hotel here all the way down.

Either five four and three and then one and two we go into the two on the other side so these villas in front of us they are be friendless and the whole from 11 to 14 billion u.s. dollars video you’re gonna see oh my god it often people like living on these no Egypt we’re gonna smegging failure is and telecom giant and you came to bring it up peace-loving on just failed that is that with Bernie that the grenade is see flow and an investment and we go through this doors will set the bathroom yes oh let me show you.

You need your glasses CP 314 and the wines or whatever you choose this is Rita it’s customized it is stopped dearly. It’s complimentary so whatever you so choose we can suck it to the carriage bag pear juice just water you take care you all right.

Collection this is how we were together I community and I put up and throughout the hotel you would find pieces that he fell in love with and you chose to put into his newest investment which is we have this hair light and to let housekeeping know do not disturb also we have these but this is also a feature that shows up outside and you manipulate the air in here by using [Music] we are what you spent down get back out into regarde so along here a village by foreign influence restaurant as you okay so this is the longest swimming scene in the Caribbean one agita meters long it’s a major feature of the hotel the value stepping you see the beauty of it and that’s not for going in right no okay so then we have the same teacher here camera oh I don’t have to be that number two oh my gosh area so we would have your lines stored hair or whatever buckles you want to put in there and cupboards you have your coffee makeup and oh wow so this is an expensive kitchen and you can have parties here you can be catered to from the kitchen by the chef’s we have touch where we need to get so you touch and it comes on and what you in a pot goes on gets hot they each other we have stopped just like you know we take care of you we stock a daily and customize it for you so this is the kitchen area alongside the cutlery.

A concern might be you know it’s open expanse right onto brand and speech but we have security 24/7 and if you want extra security we can set that up and get that provided for you but we have security walking because this here is your private property when you purchase it but we the the beach is public oh yeah so this is yours yet the beach is public so you can launch and see local Canadians walking enjoying the view and it’s all part of it so these are all forums and they mirror each other so you have your own privacy when you’re here you can come with friends you don’t each other less you watch you come out here or you go to this kitchen or the living room area where’s my favorite room oh I’m sorry but they’re doing work in here take something from the beauty so the room basically system of that sets up to the hotel but you have all here it’s positive good I even have a jacuzzi we go out onto the deck area Centauri yes if you have your own little jacuzzi and again if you come with friends they could you see them then you go to the living space come on I’ll here you chill you have your own in the backyard you have a Saturday shower events but you want to be went to the beach and you want to just show up those are my favorite things yeah so you see me the rain the rain shower if you can fix a few people in here well boom what sit down so you turn it on and watch maybe this picture a lot of time and then you want the side how you walk that you know a good friend of the beach or wherever you came from whatever you doing Oshin oh sorry phone imagine a picture right there like look like right there.

Next hour a door I’ll set the shower again so when you want a shower and then just leave so when you want to poops in private private poops it’s depressing to be here and go back to okay so that was the end of my tour moral of the story is I need to get my money up so I can stay here you saw it you saw it so until next time see you know my next videos.

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