Port Canaveral Hotels

Dear Eben we booked a cruise from Port Canaveral can you suggest a hotel dinner places we do we return the rental car when we need to buy wine great questions let’s take a drive and I’ll show you around.

Welcome back everyone as always let’s go to the wall we start way south in Cocoa Beach then visit several clusters of hotels including the La Quinta cluster the Hilton cluster the Ranjan cluster the hotels near Cocoa Beach Pier and then Cape Canaveral before ending at Terminal A and we’re off 11 a.m. cruise day 15 minutes from Terminal A the idea show where everything is and how long it takes to get to the port for that we need a timer that will appear to stop at the screen pretty soon now we cannot show all the hotels in detail there will be other videos for that we are approaching the first of the clusters this one is called ocean landings on the right budget by net but they do have oceanfront rooms gregory’s restaurant is building to the right really good and international palms the yellow building on the right also budget-minded fun pools for kids Mambo sports bar near the beach with live music on weekends on the left a large La Quinta two restaurants a Thai restaurant Siam orchid and timeout sports bar very popular with locals because they have cheap drink prices twelve minutes from the port note the speed limit 35 miles an hour but it is a quiet area next up the Hilton Cocoa Beach Hotel the most upscale hotel in the area a small tiki bar near the beach and longboard.

Next to the pool the restaurant salt great breakfast that’s a Mexican restaurant Azteca – pretty solid note the tall building on the right far side ground-floor the beachside cafe very popular with locals especially for breakfast coming up on the right the doubletree hotel you’ll notice vehicles parked in front that’s the off side parking for go Port Canaveral as you can see 11 minutes and 18 seconds from the port there are other vehicles parked right there on the left a strip mall Publix the grocery stores there you can also buy liquor and an Irish pub cassadee’s no food however plus the best restaurant in the area Florida fresh grill in 11 minutes to go this is no man’s land also it seems on the left is a Nakano lodge with a 7-eleven next door this ikana Lots here it is actually has a very nice pool let’s look to the right Hampton Inn and Courtyard by Marriott there’s the Hampton Inn these are not beachfront properties but it’s an easy walk to the beach way to go for dinner well the courtyard has the standard Mariette Bistro you know hot food and happy hours or you can walk this way next up wastegate.

Coco Beach a timeshare love the pool and lazy river this for families though with kids there’s a small tiki bar and Beach Cafe also to the right the budget-minded Cocoa Beach sweets then restaurants on the Left look for in New York Pizza and brenards Italian the best in this area motel 6 on the right a pretty large one actually several fast-food restaurants on the Left Tai Fook ooh very good Thai and a mini-golf place on the right 10 minutes to the port the quality and the bar inside serves free popcorn for Points by Sheraton love the restaurant the shark pit sharks swimming in an aquarium hate the pool though and here’s Ron John the famous surf shop opened 24 hours across the street a Walgreens CVS and winn-dixie grocery store and coming up 520 an important Road to the right on 522 places to stay the budget Fawlty Towers and more upscale in near the beach also to restaurants of note the takeout place in this building here in green rock the guac and further down the road sandbar very popular of locals to the left several restaurants Peter paradise excellent Lebanese food Punjab Indian long doggers is their Florida seafood always busy the sunset bar where they sing time to say goodbye at sunset the kids will laugh the dinosaurs Thor down the road and Econolodge guest gets free breakfast at the sunrise diner nine minutes to the port and time for a breather as we approach the Cocoa Beach Pier area it’s no secret I love this area for a pre crew stay to the right and Mexicans rule and pavarotti’s pizza to excellent restaurants the Cocoa Beach Pier is two blocks to the right we have to make a right turn just about here in front of the pink building where by the way the young ladies will tell you exactly what you want to hear.

The Days Inn is next right here and then the Ale House it’s somewhat of a sports bar kind of place pretty good actually on the left is a Holiday Inn Express you can just see it there as well as a Publix in a strip mall this mall has great restaurants we’ll see a few of them as we continue on the road now we have to make a right where those cars are just about there with a cars going to get down to the Best Western and to the La Quinta oceanfront those are both oceanfront hotels good places to stay very near almost next to the Cocoa Beach Pier now the pier itself has many restaurants and bars so let’s look to the well first of all to the right that will be the Best Western is a restaurant a called Ohana J’s it’s pretty solid but to the left is really where the action is in terms of restaurants we’ve got the toasters we’ve got an Indian restaurant the Mexican restaurant and then a Tokyo steakhouse on the right right there seven minutes to the port no more hotels until we get to Cape Canaveral but let me point out a few other places these are mostly local bars and restaurants but there’s the ABC store on the right excellent selection of wine and spirits also on the right Canaveral cruise parking another outside parking lot and coming up on the right Papa vetoes the old standard for pizza.

Around here next to Papa videos crackers a very good little restaurant as well after the left Gator mini-golf the best mini-golf around here and then there’s a zipline company also on the left on the right another place where ladies will tell you what you want to hear and next to the loot zipline on the left is say it’s Vista row another solid restaurant on the right Dysport if you follow the Disney Cruise Line you know about that so we are sage on the left and marina a Italian restaurant on the right we’ve got an Irish pub called Hogan’s and here’s Avis six minutes from the port and looked to the left dollar and fifty next to dollar and thrifty and light blue is euro cafe another excellent restaurant in bacon and blues on the right a good place for breakfast we are now in Cape Canaveral and if you look to the right cafe Montecarlo that’s my favorite local coffee shop we’re now approaching an area with local restaurants there’s La Fiesta Mexican restaurant here like at Marriott si music the first week of every month and then around the corner a very good Cuban place Vargas would love to go there for lunch or a breakfast that said yellow bowling on the right in a distance now you can see the road makes it turn away from the ocean from here it’s quite far to the beach so if you stay in hotels in this area you’re not anywhere near the beach four minutes 15 seconds budget rental car on the left and if you want a really good breakfast southern charm cafe on the left next up Park Port Canaveral the largest offsite parking facility there it is on the left we’re coming up to the Radisson Hotel.

Most folks know that one of old Florida to restaurants on the Left preach’ bar a very unique place and Kelsey’s sort of Italian style so here’s the Radisson on the Left there’s TyTy on the right a very good Thai restaurant the Radisson also has you know a pools with waterfalls and in a pool bar sort of fun for kids on the left the gray building Zachary’s a Greek style restaurant on the right is a brewery called Florida beer company you cannot see it it’s behind this building on the left another restaurant Pizza czar Ella’s very popular with locals and then we have a racetrack they do sell beer and wine we’ve got the Homewood Suites coming up on the right we’ve got the Residence Inn on the left and now to the Hertz car rental on the corner here very close to the hotels and then we’ve got Country Inn on the Left grey building so two minutes basically under three minutes from the port if we make a right here we’ll go to terminal b terminal b1 is only a minute or maybe two minutes from here the tall building you see there looks like a sail that’s the exploration tower from there is what would be wonderful views of the port there’s also a whole restaurant section called The Cove and about two three minutes from here along that road the Holiday Inn Club which is an oceanfront hotel next up on the right just off the road rental cars that will be enterprise Alamo and national you can see how close they are to terminal one you can basically walk now the restaurants at the port are very popular and we do recommend folks go there the day before they cruise on the evening before they cruise to watch the cruise ships leave between sort of 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. that’s also happy hour.

Now one other thing to note there’s no sidewalks here so you really cannot walk from the opposite side of the port you know the terminal 8 to 2 this area here you’ll see a bike path but that’s on the other side of the fence you cannot reach it so we’ll make a right here and then we’ll continue on over a drawbridge now this is an active drawbridge sometimes it opens and there would be a small or short traffic jam also you know two cannot walk here now walking over the drawbridge we can see a Disney ship appearing on the right the first terminal we see is the parking lot for Terminal 10 then Disney is at terminal 8 and it will be signs for the road that will take you to terminals 8 and 10 that will appear on the right very soon so the only about a minute from terminal 5 and here’s where you go to terminal eight and ten and look at that there is a Disney bus coming up with a bridge and that looks like courtrand a very popular shuttle service we’ll sued and see the parking area of the parking lot for terminal six there it is that’s parking on three levels and now we’re going to turn into terminal five and six that ship is at Terminal five and here we go that’s the parking garage again it’s three levels you don’t park on the ground level you can see how easy the instructions are all the directions so if you want to drop people at this terminal you just follow the signs on the road to make a left here and you’ll drive into the garage drop the folks and then go park or whatever you need to do.

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